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Windows Media Center in Windows Vista™
Enjoy your entire digital entertainment library in full glory on your XPC or even on your TV with Windows Media Center. View your photos in a cinematic slide show, browse your music collection by cover art, easily play DVDs, watch and record TV shows, download movies, and project your home videos—then pass the remote to let friends and family join in the fun!

Windows Media Center in Windows Vista features some great advancements over previous versions, including an improved user interface with easier navigation and breakthrough media visualization. Windows Media Center also offers built-in support for archiving TV shows directly to video DVDs, faster overall performance, and an improved platform for content owners to deliver new online entertainment services and experiences. Most notably for U.S.-based customers, Windows Media Center offers support for digital cable service, by means of a digital cable tuner.

Multitasking and Multimedia with Intel® MultiCore Processors
Packing the potent Intel Core 2 Duo, the G5 3300 brings a unique multimedia-multitasking experience. It is Intel’s latest and has raised the performance bar for personal computing.With Intel’s Multi-Core processors you’ll experience never-before-seen gaming realism with beautiful 3D visuals, cinema quality video and professional audio and video editing capabilities.

Intel® G33 Express Chipset

A faster 1333 MHz system bus, DDR3 memory technology support and Intel® Fast Memory Access (Intel® FMA) deliver increased system performance for today's computing needs. Lower power consumption and Intel® Quiet System Technology (Intel® QST) enable quieter systems and innovative form factors. The combination of complementary technologies provides platform salability. Innovative I/O technologies speed up application load times, provide data protection, and improve overall system responsiveness.

Support up to 4GB DDR2 800 Dual Channel Memory

Intel Multi-Core processors consume very little power and generate very little heat. At the heart of Multi-Core processors is a 1066 MHz front-side bus for blistering fast communication with the system memory and video card. The G5 3300m is also paired with DDR2 800 system memory for an unbeatable performance combination.

*To fully utilize 4GB or more of memory requires a 64-bit enabled processor and 64-bit operating system.

Optional Blu-ray™ Optical Drive
Blu-ray Disc (BD)Ready for a dramatic upgrade in your XPC G5 3300b's storage and high-definition viewing capabilities? Blu-ray Disc offers a flexible solution for movies, music, games and computer software and file storage.

  • Outstanding picture quality that outshines DVDs and even HDTV with up to 1080p resolution.
  • More than five-times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs.
  • Backward compatibility with existing DVD and CD formats.

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 with HDMI and Full HD 1080p Support

Experience true-to-life video quality from the latest Intel ® G33 Express chipset with HDMI. Featuring the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 with Intel® Clear Video technology for enhanced high-definition video playback and sharper image quality.

HDMI3D enhancements enable greater flexibility and salability and improved realism with support for Microsoft DirectX* 9.0c Shader Model 2.0, OpenGL* 1.5. Intel® Graphics also support the highest levels of the Windows Vista* Aero experience.

Find out more about HDMI

*Integrated video (HDMI, DVI and VGA) will be automatically disabled after PCI-Express video card is installed.

Finest Cinematic Surround Sound ExperienceFinest Cinematic Surround Sound Experience with
Dolby® Digital Live! and DTS Connect Technology

What would a home theater be without booming, impressive 7.1 channel surround sound Experience state-of-the-art sound quality provided by Dolby ® Digital Live and DTS Connect functionality.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader Built-in Biometric Fingerprint Reader
Fingerprint biometrics is a convenient and secure way to protect your information.With an added a layer of security protection through the integrated biometric fingerprint reader, you can keep your digital identity and data more secure and no longer worry about having to memorize for memorizing multiple passwords.

Innovative Speed-Link Technology

File sharing among 2 PCs has never been easier with the innovative USB Speed-Link technology, simply connects both systems through a standard USB cable without having the hassle of driver installation or worry about insufficient space of a DVD disc.

Built-in Bluetooth
With secure and reliable Bluetooth technology, your Bluetooth peripherals can go wherever you do. Pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled peripherals to work untethered and uncluttered at your desk, or sync it between your G5 3300M and mobile devices to keep your contacts and calendars up to date.

Built-in WiFi 802.11 b+g
Living room. Kid’s room. Home office. Kitchen. Any room in the house is complemented by your stunningly beautiful XPCs. And because G5 3300M has built-in Wi-Fi, you can surf the web, check email, have a video chat, and share photos and music with other computers — no matter where you put your XPC G5 3300M.

Support Hot Pluggable eSATA Technology
Bringing the same performance and features to external storage needs instead of relying on USB or 1394 interfaces. You can now utilize shielded cable lengths up to 2 meters outside the XPC to take advantage of the benefits the SATA interface brings to storage.

  • Up to 6 times faster than existing external storage solutions: USB 2.0, & 1394
  • High performance, cost effective expansion storage
  • Hot pluggable
  • Robust and user friendly external connection

All Solid Capacitors Motherboard Design
Solid CapacitorsAll solid capacitors design is the new trend for Shuttle’s motherboard and guaranteed to deliver maximum stability, reliability and longer system lifetime for the ultimate PC gaming and entertainment experience.

Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE) Technology
The Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE) included in the G5 Series has been purpose designed for the G5-chassis. The Integrated Cooling Engine uses convection cooling to transfer heat away from the processor and other critical system components. Copper tubing, coated in nickel and filled with distilled water provide the conduit through which heat the radiator, providing both processor cooling an passes to a radiator.

Improving on the standard ICE module that ships with all G-series XPCs, the G5 series ICE module uses fans in push-pull to more efficiently pass cool air over the ICE radiators fins. This makes it possible to deliver up to 50CFM. Further both fans are PWM spec — which means linear control of the fan speed — and controllable in BIOS.

Advanced I/O

The XPC offers ample I/O connectivity, and then some. Features, such as the Clear CMOS button and Wireless LAN perforation, are Shuttle exclusives, and not seen in other small form factor computers.

The XPC's G5 3300 feature-rich back panel is perfectly complemented by an equally rich front panel. With USB 2.0, FireWire 400, HDMI Port, Built-in Gigabit Ethernet and eSATA Ports built into the real panel.

LED Front Panel Display & Media Center Remote Control

There’s nothing quite as obnoxious as having your DVD, TV and video track information appear on your monitor while it’s in use. To eliminate an unwanted distraction, we’ve enhanced the home theater experience by creating a versatile front panel LED display on.

Intelligently designed and integrated, this multi-modal panel serves as a secondary display when the PC is in Home Theater mode. The idea behind this display is to improve media delivery by removing DVD, TV and video track information from the monitor and moving it to a display that does not interrupt viewing pleasure. For example, when watching TV, the LED will display the TV icon, channel as well as volume information.

  Date and Time Display   Volume Display  
  DVD/VCD playback status   Channel Display  

G5 3300m
      • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32-Bit
      • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit
      • Intel® Core™ 2 Quad / Core™ 2 Duo / Core™ 2 Duo E4000 series, Dual-Core E2000 series,
      • 800/1066/1333 MHz FSB
      • LGA775 package
      • North Bridge Intel® G33
      • South Bridge Intel® ICH9DH
      • 2 dual channel DDR2 533/667/800
      • 2GB per DIMM, support up to 4GB

        *To fully utilize 4GB or more of memory requires a 64-bit enabled processor and 64-bit operating system.
      • Build-in Intel® G33 Express Chipset
      • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator GMA3100 supports Directx® 9 and Intel® Clear Video Technology
      • Optional GEFORCE 8600 GTS 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E
      • Realtek ALC888S
      • Support Analog 7.1 channel output
      • Support Digital S/PDIF in/out
      • Supports Dolby® Digital Live!
      • Supports DTS® Connect audio
      • Optional Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-BIT 5.1 external USB
      • Mirror Front Panel
      • Built-in VFD Display
      • Windows Media Center Remote Control
      • USB Speed-Link Technology
      • Built-in Biometric Fingerprint Reader
      • Built-inBluetooth
      • Built-in WiFi 802.11 b+g
      • 52X CDRW 16X DVD-ROM Combo Drive
      • 20X20 DVD+-RW Dual Layer Drive (optional)

        Blu-ray Family
        Write: BD-R 2X maximum
        ReWrite: BD-RE 2X maximum
        Read: BD-ROM 2X maximum
        Access time: 350ms

        DVD Family
        Write: DVD+R 12X maximum, DVD-R 12X maximum, DVD+R9 4X maximum, DVD-R9 4X maximum
        ReWrite: DVD+RW 8X maximum, DVD-RW 6X maximum
        Read: 12X maximum
        Access time: 160ms

        CD Family
        Write: CD-R 32X maximum
        ReWrite: CD-RW 24X (3600KB/sec) by Z-CLV in UltraSpeed disc
        Read: 32X maximum
        Access time: 160ms
      • 250GB Serial ATA 7200RPM 8MB Buffer HDD
      • 400GB Serial ATA 7200RPM 16M Buffer BHDD
      • 750GB Serial ATA 7200RPM 16M Buffer BHDD

      • (1) UltraDMA 100 IDE channel connector
      • (3) On board SATA 3.0Gb/s connectors
      • (2) eSATA connector in back panel
      • Floppy connector
      • NCQ support
      • PC22 22-IN-1 USB 2.0 Internal Card Reader (Optional)
      • Sony 3.5" 1.44MB external USB Floppy (Optional)
      • Marvell 88E8056 (PCI-E Interface)
      • IEEE 802.3u 1000Base-T compliant
      • 10Mb/s .100Mb/s and 1000Mb/s operation
      • Support Wake-On-LAN
      • Built-in WiFi 802.11 b+g Module
      • Built-in Bluetooth Module
      • (2) USB 2.0 ports,
      • (1) FireWire® mini port
      • (1) Microphone port
      • (1) Headphone port
      • Power button
      • Reset button
      • USB Speed-Link Button
      • Built-in Biometric Fingerprint Reader
      • 1* PCI Express x16 slot
      • 1* PCI slot
      • 4* USB 2.0 ports
      • 1* RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port
      • 1* D-Sub port
      • 1* HDMI port
      • 1* Audio Line in connector
      • 1* Audio Front out connector
      • 1* Audio Rear surround connector
      • 1* Audio Side surround connector
      • 1* Audio Center/Bass connector
      • 2* e-SATA connectors
      • 1* IEEE 1394 port
      • 1* S/PDIF in port
      • 1* S/PDIF out port
      • 1* Clear CMOS button
      • 1* Printer hole
      • 4G Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE) Intelligently-engineered airflow mechanics
      • 300W PSU with active PFC
      • Input 100 - 240V AC
      • EMI Certified FCC, CE, CCC
      • Safety Certified TUV, UL, CB, CCC, CSA,
      • NEMKO
      • Power Plug region specific
DIMENSIONS (L x W x H, mm)
      • 310 x 200 x 185
      • 3.6 (7.92) / 5.2 (11.44)
*Integrated video (HDMI, DVI and VGA) will be automatically disabled after PCI-Express video card is installed.


Shuttle Trade-In Program

PCW UK recommends D'vo G5 3300m
Personal Computer World is the UK’s longest-running and best established monthly consumer PC magazine providing cutting-edge news, recently recommends Shuttle XPC Glamor G5 3300m and rates 5 stars (out of 5 stars). The editor, Larsen indicates, 'we fitted the G5 3300m with high-end components and found it whisper-quiet in operation thanks to an intricate CPU heatsink, with heatpipes that transfer heat to the back of the unit where a fan whisks the hot air away. It was so quiet, in fact, that all we could hear was a stream of clicks from the hard disk...

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D'vo G5 3300m wins the Most Innovative Award
"The Shuttle G5 3300m provides an excellent platform for streaming your favourite videos or music to your large-screen display or hi-fi set. Quiet in operation, yet not lacking in performance, the D'VO provides that added punch in processing power, coupled together with its GMA3100 graphics chip; it can provide a total solution for playing hi-definition content without any additional graphics upgrades. ...."

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