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Ready to Play – to the New Extreme

Whet your appetite with next generation technology that’s ready for extreme gameplay. Go beyond yesterday’s definition of high-performance, and ready yourself for the new extreme flagship that puts truer-than-life worlds and characters right on your gaming monitor – the H7 5800. And thanks to Intel’s next generation technology and Intel® Core™ i7 processor coupled with the latest high definition graphics cards from NVIDIA and ATI for true realism, all the hottest games and Blu-ray* titles never looked better.

*Blu-ray playback requires optional optical drive upgrade.



Pushing Your Entertainment Limits

H7 5800 is powered by Intel’s next generation of processors – Core i7 – to bring you never-before-seen extreme performance that’s at the same time, energy efficient.  Intel® Core™ i7 processor brings the impressive power of four cores so you can enjoy all your favorite gaming entertainment wherever you please without a lag.

Graphics More Lifelike Than Ever

Enjoy a richer entertainment experience with advanced NVIDIA or ATI graphics designed for today’s hottest games. Your choice of either the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 or ATI Radeon HD4870 lets you experience every bit of detail in high-definition quality for lifelike worlds and characters – right on your gaming monitor. With the added gaming horsepower of either graphics card options, your games are as close to the real thing as it gets. Even the latest Blu-ray* titles look better than ever before.

*Blu-ray playback requires optional optical drive upgrade.

H7 5800 supports up to 16GB of DDR3 memory
Power and Space for All Your Media

Multi-tasking and multimedia is a breeze on the H7 5800. With up to 16GB of DDR3 memory, you can run more programs at the same time. Go ahead and play that latest game title while listening to music and ripping a DVD. With the many hard drive options, there’s space to store all your music, photos, videos, and even games – no matter the size of your collection. So when one 1TB hard drive isn’t enough, just know that there’s space to add in a second one too.

The Serial ATA interface is up to six times faster than USB 2.0/FirewireAdvance eSATA Support
The back panel provides two external Serial ATA ports and a power port. The included cables make it a snap to connect your external hard drive to your XPC. The Serial ATA interface is up to six times faster than USB 2.0/Firewire.

Dual Gigabit LAN with Teaming Technology

Dual Gigabit LAN with Teaming TechnologyThis model is featured with two Gigabit Ethernet Controllers which supports dual-LAN "Teaming" for "Load-balance" and "Fail-over" function. Teaming technology allows dual LAN to work together to provide up to twice the Ethernet bandwidth for transferring large amounts of data from home file servers to other PCs. In addition, it also provides network redundancy through fail-over capability to prevents network downtime by transferring the workload from a failed port to a working port.


Intense Gaming Surround Sound

Treat your ears to something more realistic than boring and basic stereo sound. H7 5800 lets you enjoy intense surround sound – as if you are part of the game. Truly immerse yourself into the game and hear every blade and gunshot thanks to the 7.1 channel high-definition audio that comes standard.



I.C.E Heat-PipeCooling Technology

I.C.E Heat-pipe Technology
The Integrated Cooling Engine (I.C.E.) included in the Shuttle systems has been purposely designed for each model. The Integrated Cooling Engine uses convection cooling to transfer heat away from the processor and other critical system components. Copper tubing, coated in nickel and filled with distilled water provides the conduit through which heat the radiator, providing both processor cooling and passes to a radiator.

Those familiar with the XPC will notice that the I.C.E. module has evolved and the airflow has been redirected to improve overall performance thru-out the system. A fan duct channels the intake airflow to ensure cool air is used to cool the CPU and a foam duct on the case makes sure the exhaust directly exits the case without warming other components.

OASIS Cooling TechnologyOASIS Cooling Technology
Within the best performing platform is the top performance cooler, the newly designed Shuttle OASIS Cooling Technology delivers just that. Specially designed 3-part heat-sinks interconnected by convection cooling pipes covering the North Bridge, South Bridge and MOSFET modules effectively dissipate heat without the use for fans. Featuring all-new heat pipe designs, Shuttle OASIS allows users to enjoy longer component lifetime through lower temperatures and added system stability all in a silent operational environment.


XPC H7 5800    
      • Microsoft Windows® 7
      • Intel® Core™ i7-920 2.66GHZ 4.8GT/S 8M LGA1366 45NM
      • 3GB DDR3 (Max 16GB)
        *To fully utilize 4GB or more of memory requires a 64-bit enabled processor and 64-bit operating system.
      • 500GB Serial ATA 3G, 7200 rpm, 16MB cache (Up to 1.5TB)
      • Optional Internal 23-in-1 USB Card Reader
      • 24x24 DVD+-RW Dual Layer SATA Black
      • GeForce 9800 GT DDR3 512MB (2 x DV-I )
      • Intel X58 + ICH10R
      • Realtek ALC888
      • 7.1 channel High Definition Audio
      • (2)Realtek RTL8111C
      • IEEE 802.3u 100Base-T specification revision 1.0
      • 100Mb/s and 1Gb/s operation
      • Support Wake-On-LAN function
      • Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet (Installed)
      • (3) Serial ATA connectors
      • (1) ATA133 bus master IDE connector
      • (2) 2x5 pin USB 2.0 header
      • (1) Floppy connector
      • (2) 4pin fan connectors
      • (1) 12V for main power connector
      • (1) 12V for standby power connector
      • (1) PS/2 keyboard/mouse header
      • (1) eSATA port
      • (2) USB 2.0 ports
      • (1) Microphone-In
      • (1) Headphone-Out
      • Power-On button
      • Reset button
      • Power LED
      • HDD LED
      • Bluetooth LED
      • Wireless LED
      • (2) PCI-E x16 slot
      • (6) USB 2.0 ports
      • (2) Gigabit Ethernet port
      • (2) eSATA port
      • (1) eSATA Power port
      • (1) Line-in port
      • (1) Front out port
      • (1) Side Surround out port
      • (1) Rear Surround out port
      • (1) S/PDIF Optical out
      • (1) Wireless Antenna fixture
      • 500W
      • Input:100 - 240V AC
      • Support 80 PLUS Bronze
      • Height: 7.5 inches (189mm)
      • Width: 8.2 inches (208mm)
      • Depth: 12.8 inches (325mm)
      • 13 lbs. (Actual weight may vary depend on systems configurations)
      • 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty

"5 out of 5 eggs"
"Best Performance SFF Kit"
“Craft a powerful Core i7 system in a relatively small package.”
“Pack a lot of power into a relatively small box… look no further.”
“This beefy little scrapper comes ready for tons of power.”
tom's hardware
"Shuttle® SX58H7 Core™ i7 Mini PC Outpacing Even Full-Sized Motherboards."
d3 Reaction Editors' Rating 9.0/10- 2, 2009
"Shuttle’s SX58H7 Barebone is the new King of Small form factor Performance not only because of the killer configuration but beacause it crushes every benchmark we threw at it. And for its price, you’d expect nothing less from this ultrapowered gaming machine! "


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