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Experience Innovation at its Edge

Built with gamers in mind but tuned to handle whatever you throw at it, the SDXi Carbon is sure to meet and exceed all your expectations. Whether it’s blowing away your enemy or using it for graphic design, animation or even CAD, SDXi Carbon can handle it without a sweat. Shuttle has never shied away from SDXi Carbonleading the industry in a new direction, so why stop now.

Extreme Cooling,
Extreme Possibilities

SDXi Carbon is equipped with one of the world’s only small form factor water cooling solutions, and features the world’s first Liquid I.C.E. technology. This unique solution is specially designed to deliver the most efficient cooling solution in an extreme small form factor chassis. By designing our own cooling, case, and motherboard, we are able to take full control of the thermal design and create an incredibly efficient and quiet system. Now with Liquid I.C.E., you are free to push your processor to new limits while enjoying a near silent system.
SDXi Liquid I.C.E.



Plus, SDXi Carbon is built using nothing but the highest quality components to ensure extreme performance and longevity. Shuttle's continued commitment to build nothing but the best provides a precisely tailored system to meet each individual user’s ever so evolving needs. We have custom tailored this system by dreaming up exactly what your dream machine should be like. It is this very commitment that keeps us moving beyond the beige. We refuse to settle for the ordinary. Why should you?




Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processor When More is Better

With four processing cores, the Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processor delivers unrivaled performance for the latest and greatest generation of multi-threaded games and multimedia applications.

Now with a new version based on Intel’s cutting edge 45nm technology that utilizes hafnium-infused circuitry, the SDXi Carbon delivers even greater performance and power efficiency. The Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX9770 processor runs at a blistering 3.2 GHz, delivering to you the best possible experience for today’s most demanding applications.

NVIDIA® GeForce®   Get Pulled Deeper into the Game

With the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280, both performance and immersion are absolute. Experience high definition worlds, lifelike characters, and forces of nature so powerful that your palms sweat and your heart races with every frame. Beyond games, the GPU allows you to watch high definition Blu-ray movies and code video up to 7x faster than traditional CPUs.

Added gaming horsepower thanks to the 240 processing cores on NVIDIA’s new GPU makes games such as Crysis Warhead feel like the real thing. Its powerful NVIDIA PhysX technology creates rich, immersive physical effects with stunningly accurate realism.
Up to 16GB DDR2 Memory

Power and Space for All Your Work – and Play

Extreme multi-tasking is a breeze on the SDXi Carbon. With up to 16GB* of DDR2 memory, it’s possible to run more demanding programs and play more hardware intensive games than ever before – all at the same time – without slowing you down. And with many hard drive options, from standard speeds to performance speeds up to 1TB, the possibilities are unlimited. Up to 1TB Hard Drive Capacity*To fully utilize 4GB or more of memory requires a 64-bit enabled processor and 64-bit operating system.

Theater Quality Surround Sound

Treat your ears to something better than boring and basic stereo sound. The SDXi Carbon lets you enjoy more realistic surround sound – just like at the movie theater. Truly immerse yourself into the movie and hear every footstep thanks to the 7.1 channel audio that comes standard. It kicks up your gaming another notch, too.



Liquid I.C.E. CoolingSDXi Liquid I.C.E.

Since we unveiled our first ever I.C.E. Cooling solution back in 2000, many have asked where the design came from, what were we thinking when we created it, and why did we wait so long in launching it? And the truth is, there are many reasons: a combination of performance concerns, acoustic concerns, technology changes, and our thermal team's goal to create the best thermal solution in a small form factor. Now with our new addition to the I.C.E. Cooling family, the new Liquid I.C.E. Cooling system, we are being asked the same questions. The truth is, this idea has gone through major changes since its first introduction in 2007 as a concept and it has come a long way since then.

CPU Block
Unlike most water blocks, the Shuttle Liquid I.C.E. Is incredibly easy to install in to our Shuttle LGA775 socket barebones. There's no messing about with bolts, washers, sprockets, spring-loaded screws or other plumbing paraphernalia. Instead, the Liquid I.C.E. Cooling unit screws directly into the rear 92mm plate as a conventional fan might do.

Liquid I.C.E. CoolingRadiator
This is a ground-up custom design 92mm radiator that gives Shuttle systems excellent performance while keeping the size small and allowing for a very easily accessible fill port. When comparing the performance of our Liquid I.C.E. To some of the giant heat pipe solutions, it becomes a simple surface area trade off. We consciously chose to keep the size of the radiator at a minimum to increase the compatibility with many H7 chassis models and of course minimize the surface area that is being mounted on the CPU.

The liquid I.C.E. cooling system has gone through major changes since its first introduction in 2007 as a concept and it has come a long way since then. The bottom line is that we wanted to provide a product that can be tuned easily, to suit the taste of the individual that is using it. It is exactly the reason why we have designed this cooling solution not only to fit a single model but it will be supported on both SG45H7 and SP45H7.


Note: Maintenance is needed, so please check on Liquid I.C.E. unit from to make sure enough liquid solution is present in the system. Shuttle suggest to check on unit atleast every 6 months depending on use. For more information on maintenance feel free to call our support team at 626-820-9000 or email us at .

Warranty: Limited warranty covers pump for 1 year of any magnufacturer defect. The warranty does not cover any wear and tear cause by constant use. Also please note that Shuttle is not responsible for any leaks or maintanence of this product. Adding coolant to liquid I.C.E. unit maybe needed as part of regular maintenance and is the owners responsibility to do so. If support is needed please feel free to contact our Shuttle Technical Support for assistance.


2, 2009 d3 Reaction Editors' Choice Award
"What’s amazing, though, is just how much power you can get out of something so small. If anyone could pull this off in such a small form factor its got to be Shuttle. "
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