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SHUTTLEŽ Channel Partner Program

As of August 2010

We would like to introduce to you our updated channel program, with exciting new partner benefits for ShuttleŽ Premiers and Partners in our Authorized Reseller program.

ShuttleŽ Premiers and Partners is our new membership level designation for valued channel partners like you. Along with that, we've also added new custom programs and more educational webinars. The goal is to help you connect better with us so that you can in turn connect better with customers in your local community.

Your ShuttleŽ representative will help you build stronger and more targeted custom programs that allow you to get better connected with your local customers.

And best of all, it's free.

ShuttleŽ Authorized Partner Programs and Benefits

ShuttleŽ Authorized Resellers
The ShuttleŽ Authorized Reseller program provides direct benefits to Shuttle resellers, designed to not only help grow your sales, but also to support your company's effort to grow as a whole. The two membership levels are ShuttleŽ Premier and ShuttleŽ Partner.

ShuttleŽ Authorized Repair Centers
The ShuttleŽ Authorized Repair Center program is designed for qualifying consultants, resellers, and service-only providers, offering businesses the opportunity to perform upgrades, repairs (whether still under warranty or otherwise), and deliver value-added services.

ShuttleŽ Authorized Solution Providers
The ShuttleŽ Authorized Solution Provider program is designed for businesses that deliver highly-specialized, comprehensive solutions that require expertise in hardware, software, training, and support. Through this program, ShuttleŽ VARs will be ready to provide implementation and integration services for professional audio, broadcast, film and video, photography, publishing, POS, home automation, digital signage, and others.

For more information about these programs, requirements, and benefits, please contact your Shuttle representative, call 626-820-9000, or email marketing@us.shuttle.com.

ShuttleŽ Authorized Reseller Membership Levels
Premiers and Partners is our new membership level designation for valued channel partners like you. With this new designation, we've added new channel benefits - created just for you.
ShuttleŽ Premiers are among the top performers in our reseller channel, nationwide, and qualify for Shuttle's most exclusive benefits for authorized resellers, such as FREE 2-way shipping on approved RMA services, a new benefit we've added to the program this quarter, and the opportunity to participate in Shuttle trade shows, events, and promotional marketing campaigns.
ShuttleŽ Partners are valued members of our reseller channel, and qualify for exclusive access to a wide range of tools and resources from Shuttle, such as our reseller starting package, point-of-sale promotion package, monthly reseller newsletter, special access to product trainings, roadmaps, and webinars, and custom developed marketing programs, which are not available to non-Shuttle authorized resellers.
Premier level requires a minimum purchase commitment. Please contact your Shuttle representative, call 626-820-9000, or email marketing@us.shuttle.com for more details.

How to Become a ShuttleŽ Authorized Reseller

Signing up is simple and just a few mouse clicks away. Get started today.

Step 1

Fill in the Shuttle Reseller Application and submit.

Step 2 You should receive a confirmation email instantly.
Step 3 For faster approval, please submit a soft copy of your reseller permit within 48 hours.
Step 4 Shuttle will evaluate your application and respond to you within 2 business days.
If your application is approved, we will provide you with your reseller member account information and your membership level. If your application is not approved at this time, we will contact you and let you know what else you need to get approved with us.


SHUTTLEŽ Assembly Program For Authorized Resellers



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