Documents, Photos, Music Are Secure in Home and Small Office Application

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – Sept 17, 2013

Shuttle Computer Group announces its OMNINAS KD20 Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device designed for homes, small office/home office businesses and work groups that need secure, networked storage. Saving, managing and sharing digital content can be daunting, but the OMNINAS KD20 has a simple installation wizard that makes creating a personal, secure cloud stress-free.

“Storing your data in a central location is becoming critical these days, and not everyone wants to rely on a cloud that is controlled by someone else,” said Marty Lash, director, sales and marketing, Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. “With the new OMNINAS KD20, you can store and access your music, photos, documents, and even stream movies, directly from your own personal, secure, cloud.”

Shuttle’s new OMNINAS KD20 is a user-friendly two-bay network attached-storage device designed as a multimedia content hub, which lets users easily store and share documents, movies, music and photos over mobile devices such as iPad®, iPhone®, Android tablets and smartphones, etc. It can also be accessed by any computing device that is on the network, which ensures that your files are always safe and secure and available to you. The OMNINAS KD20 device is super-simple to set up yet filled with robust, advanced technology that satisfies even the most technical nerd:

  • Two hot-swappable disk drive bays for up to eight terabytes of storage space. Drives can be operated in RAID-0 for maximum speed or RAID-1 mode for mirroring, or automatic copies, over a single network. The status of each disk can be monitored independently.
  • A front-access USB 3.0 port, two rear-access 2.0 USB ports, and one card reader makes downloading files from external flash drives to the OMNINAS KD20 quick and easy.
  • The built-in print server allows all users to access one or more USB-connected printer. With the OMNINAS_Finder feature, users can print from anywhere in the house or office.
  • Its “Auto Copy” function allows data to be copied automatically from USB media or SD memory cards, simply and efficiently.
  • The KD20 uses an energy-saving dual-core processor, which enables rapid read/write data transfer.
  • An integrated DLNA-compliant media server provides video, photos and music for playback on gaming consoles or other media players. It also includes an iTunes® server for easy media connection.
  • Its aluminum housing, or chassis, provides excellent thermal conductivity, making the KD20 cool and quiet. The integrated control unit activates the fan only when the hard disk temperature approaches specified limits. In a typical environment, the fan remains inactive.
  • Free apps for iOS and Android™ tablets and smartphones are available for global, mobile access to stored content.

The OMNINAS KD20 has a Suggested Manufacturer Retail Price (MSRP) of $149.00 and is currently available through all major online retailers such as Amazon, NewEgg and TigerDirect. It comes with a three-year warranty, terms and conditions apply.