Eyecatch Networks is a one-stop-shop whose digital signage experts work on every stage of deployment, including software, displays, media players, and mounts as well as strategy, content creation, installation, project management, and technical services. They support small businesses, enterprises, and multinational corporations that serve various industries like fast casual restaurants; retail; health and fitness clubs; corporate offices; healthcare; real estate; and property management.

So when EyeCatch searched for media players designed for digital signage that are robust, powerful, and customizable, and that work day in and day out. They found Shuttle Computer Group.

“We install digital signage everywhere, in different types of locations, for many different industries,” said Jean Pierre Albrecht, managing director, EyeCatch Networks. “Our customers are car dealerships, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants and other businesses, some that are in demanding environments. With Shuttle, we can always find the right player for the right job that works every time.”

Many of Shuttle’s mini players are fanless; they are designed so that no particulates are drawn in, making for cleaner, more efficient, longer-lasting operation.

“We have a lot of displays and players in kitchens that have a lot of grease in the air and a wide range of operating temperatures,” said Jean Pierre Albrecht, managing director, EyeCatch Networks. “That can be a real challenge for a media player. A fanless design is the answer.”

Along with creating reliable products and excellent customer service, Shuttle is known for working closely with its partners to create tailored products for specific applications and integration.

“Shuttle helps us build out the best specs for the install, and they customize their players with what we need. They arrive ready to go. We simply install our software and deploy.”

EyeCatch Networks and Shuttle Computer Group; the perfect match for digital signage.