John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 4 is one of the busiest and most efficient international gateways into the United States, handling 19.5 million passengers in 2015. It is the main international terminal at JFK, with 36 gates in two concourses and sees approximately 100,000 people passing through its doors each day.

“Terminal 4 is committed to providing travelers with a superior experience and we needed a reliable, proven technology system to keep our FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems) current,” said Edward D’Angelo, Manager, Systems support at JFKIAT, the company that operates Terminal 4. “Shuttle Computer Group allows us to keep information flowing through the terminal quickly and easily and we are excited to work with them to keep our technology top-line.” Installed behind each FIDS monitor in Terminal 4 is a Shuttle DS81, a mini-computer that keeps information flowing in crisp, easy-to-read detail.

One of the reasons the DS81 is so reliable is that it features an exclusive heat pipe cooling module with a smart fan, which allows for constant air circulation. This design results in high stability and low noise for long-term operation. The DS81 also uses industrial components in order to meet the environmental operation demands of commercial applications like at JFK Terminal 4. Its rugged design allows for 24/7 consistent operation over long periods of time.

Unlike other computer manufacturers, Shuttle Computer Group offers its clients imaging services and customized solutions. Shuttle worked with D’Angelo to define specific parameters and functions, including if they needed a hard drive or RAM, what OS they wanted, and what software they needed to have loaded. Each unit was delivered to D’Angelo’s specifications, which made installation and use fast and easy.

“The Shuttle DS81 is an efficient and powerful machine, and the response and reboot time is extremely quick,” added D’Angelo. “Our IT Department is excited about the implementation of Shuttle, as it will undoubtedly strengthen our tech support system.”

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