Knowing where students are at any given time is of vital importance for teachers and school administrators. ScholarChip, a pioneer of centralized and integrated School Safety and Operations Systems, is a leading supplier of ID card security systems that helps school districts across America automate services like student and teacher attendance, school visitor monitoring, cafeteria point-of-sale activities, bus ride tracking, and others.

Instead of relying on old-fashioned attendance methods, ScholarChip’s automated platform centrally manages large group entry points, physical door access, and visitors, while its notification and alert services gives school administrators the tools they need to act in real time. Its products are technological, one-card solutions that have rapidly grown into an advanced and comprehensive security and multi-point attendance system.

The company was founded in 2000 and used laptop computers, card readers, and proprietary software to create its flagship products. Knowing that there is constant technological innovation, the company needed a more efficient solution.

“We required a very rugged, high-quality computer that would easily integrate so we could turn it into our own product,” said Richard Seow, project manager for ScholarChip. “Shuttle’s barebones computer came without a hard drive, memory, or operating system, and we were able to install everything we needed ourselves.”

Building their own was the key—and during this time, ScholarChip customized each computer they ordered, and built each kiosk accordingly, which was time consuming.

Shuttle is one of the only computer manufacturers in the world that will customize one, or one thousand, or one hundred thousand computers. In fact, customization is Shuttle’s forte—so they developed just the right product and produced it to ScholarChip’s exact specifications.

The ability to customize computers, no matter how few or how many, is what sets Shuttle apart from other computer companies. They can do modifications on the physical chassis, BIOS, software, or any other customization on our computers and deliver them ready to plug and play. Shuttle can even create multiple customized images for any of their computers, for any application, even on one computer at a time. And once the process is in place, deployment is quick and easy.

ScholarChip is today one of the largest providers of smart card IDs for the K-12 market and one of the largest providers of payment gateway and electronic signature solutions for the Higher Education market. Its products are used in school districts from major urban to suburban and rural areas. And with Shuttle providing its customized computers, ScholarChip’s high-quality, reliable products are delivered consistently and cost effectively. It’s a winning combination.