With video corporations can provide a decade’s worth of institutional knowledge; share subject matter expertise; teach proven best practices; and more. With video, universities can give access to class materials to study; livestream lectures or performances; present campus safety information and plans; and more.

This type of video managing, streaming, recording, and distributing easily and cost-effectively needs the integrated, seamless partnership of hardware and software that Shuttle and Panopto provides. Together, they’ve built a video platform that any employee, instructor, and student can use regardless of prior experience. It’s easy to implement and easy to use.

Panopto is designed to effortlessly capture, manage, and share the insights and information that an organization delivers. Its flexible recording software captures video anywhere, even from specialized cameras and other devices. Its industry-leading search engine helps people find exactly what they’re looking for, right when they need it, even text that is spoken or written. And its secure video portal ensures that your confidential information stays where it should.

Shuttle’s computers are designed to be extremely powerful, yet small enough to install into any discreet location. They are best-in-class, certified, turnkey devices that quickly integrate into an existing Panopto video platform or are incorporated into a new location. Shuttle appliances quickly connect multiple cameras, digital white boards, laptops, and podium controls and records and stores video presentations seamlessly.

Panopto and Shuttle’s Certified Systems provide a host of benefits. They are:

  • Designed and co-engineered to provide easy, reliable, quality operation.
  • Easy to buy and support.
  • Available with “hot spares” in key markets: ready-to-go replacements that can be shipped within 24 hours in the event of a warranty issue.
  • Offered with a three-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Customizable with options that balance cost, physical and storage size, processing speed, number of inputs, and other variables.

Panopto-certified Shuttle computers are the easiest way to securely record, live stream, manage, and share videos across your organization. Find out more today!

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