The Shuttle XPC Nano Windows 10 Home Edition computer is the perfect solution if you’re a business looking for a thin client PC or a consumer looking for a compact and stylish computer.  The XPC Nano NC01UWIN10HE comes pre-configured with Windows 10 Home Edition, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD to support a wide range of applications.


Whether reaching to the cloud, managing your small business or kicking back in your living room watching videos or playing games, the XPC Nano’s robust performance and compact, stylish form factor is a perfect computing companion.


The XPC Nano has plenty of connectivity and configuration options to fit your office applications. Low-noise, smart energy design, and a space saving footprint allows it to be mounted on the back of desktop monitors. The XPC Nano makes it the perfect business partner.


Digital signage, medical devices, kiosks, and wayfinding are all powered by Shuttle small form factor computers. The tiny, lightweight XPC Nano offers a variety of configurations for maximum performance, flexibility and compatibility to meet your commercial needs.

Quick Start
Windows 10 Home Edition Pre-Installed and built in Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity gets you and your Nano up and running quickly.

Configured to Meet Your Needs
The Windows 10 Home Edition XPC Nano comes complete with an Intel Celeron CPU, 2GB of memory and 32GB solid state drive (SSD).

Fits Anywhere
Whether slipped in to a tiny space or mounted on the back of your monitor using the industry standard VESA mount, the Nano is a real space saver.

Quiet, Energy Saving and Longevity
Shuttle’s exclusive cooling technology and smart fan design provides for quiet energy saving operation for stable and long-term operation.

Confidence and Security
Shuttle has been globally manufacturing small form factor computers for over 30 years. All Shuttle products come with a 3-year limited warranty for increased confidence and security.

Download Full Specs
Click here to download a pdf for detailed specifications of the NC01U series