Customized Systems or All-in Ones

Created with the latest energy-saving technology, the fastest components, intelligent cooling systems and innovative design, Shuttle pre-configured computers are about one third smaller than other desktop PCs. They fit just about anywhere, so you gain the power to do more, with the flexibility to better arrange your work space as well.

Our XPC Nano and Skylake lines put a powerhouse on your desk, in a stylish format, ready for your computing challenges.

We have a wide range of solutions depending on computing power; graphics capabilities, connectivity and device management. Shuttle offers build-your-own, customized computers, plug-and-play solutions, and everything in between.

“Mini-PC shoppers on the hunt for a compact, attractive, inexpensive turnkey solution for media playback, basic productivity, digital signage, or retail purposes should keep the Shuttle XPC Nano on their shortlist.”

- Computer Shopper, 2016

For more details on Shuttle Solutions contact a specialist at:
(626) 820-9000