No More Off-the-Shelf Computing

Did you know that Shuttle computers are in hospitals, factories, schools, restaurants, call centers, supermarkets, drug stores, department stores, airports, utility companies, universities, auditoriums, cafeterias, and everywhere else you might find a computer? Well, we are. That’s because we work with you to create your behind-the-scenes products, while you get the glory.

If you need customized BIOS, imaging, hardware tweaks, tailored packaging, or additional functionality for any vertical market, contact Shuttle today.

We have a wide range of solutions depending on computing power; graphics capabilities, connectivity and device management. Shuttle offers build-your-own, customized players, plug-and-play solutions, and everything in between.

“Shuttle is a solid hardware partner for us. Their computers are small, cool-running and reliable, and the customization is great—they deliver exactly what we want, on time, every time.”

- Steve Kingsley-Jones,
Product Manager, zSpace

For more details on Shuttle Solutions contact a specialist at:
(626) 820-9000